Friday, 30 July 2010

Font viewer for Adobe Creative Suite CS5

I have used Adobe products for years and one niggle I have is I can't access fonts that aren't in the default  fonts folder location, so I have to manually copy them over... And If you happen to have thousands of fonts like I do you don't want to be copying them all over and clogging up the fonts folder on your machine....

Well thankfully Anastasiy (Who made the fantastic Magicpicker color wheel for photoshop) has a solution called DiskFonts font viewer that can over come this font headache. And I have to say the tool has been incredibly useful to me as I mostly use Photoshop and After Effects out of the Adobe products. With Diskfonts font viewer I can now have my fonts in different locations and navigate too them and just install the ones I need. And this can all be done directly in any Adobe product very quickly. I have posted the Anastasiy video below as it give you a better feel of the product than my ramblings :)

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