Thursday, 8 March 2007

Class 1 - Introduction to Walks

This week Stu is trying to show strength, even for a guy with puny limbs he still has strength - inner lol.... So 2D drawings a go on this one and i got carried away and started doodling more and had to stop and focus on the task at hand. But still one doodle made it onto the planning for the poses and got turned into colour too...

Class 1 - Anticipation and Squash and Stretch

This week Stu is devastated. And the animation for this week is to choose one of the two obstacle courses and then plan and animate a ball going around the screen (with Squash and Stretch).

Class 1 - Overlapping Action

Pendulum task this week to show overlapping action, and its isn't as easy as it looks plus there is more to it than just offsetting keys in the dope sheet lol.

Class 1 - Arcs and Path of Action

Tailor this week. This was planing out how tailor move around the screen and in that planning showing how arcs and path of action.

Class 1 - Planning & Blocking Methods

This week Stu has to show excitement... And also we had to do a bouncy ball.

Class 1 - Intro to Timing

This week we are looking at weight and timing!!! For this animation we had to show a heavy ball and a light ball...

Class 1 - Introduction to Animation

Week 2 was asking use to go out and draw from real life and observe what we see. I went up town to Lester Square in London and was freezing cold and had pigeons swooping and pooping around me. These drawings are real quick sketches (under 20 seconds). From the poses we drew we had to take one and make it in 3D. Here is my Stu on the phone.

Class 1 - Basic Foundations

Well I finally got around to applying to Animation Mentor and I'm over the moon to be accepted. Now i just hope that over the next 18 months my animation skills and understanding of animation will improve 10 fold. Also i hope from taking part in this course i can hopefully one day give something back to the animation industry and perhaps even inspire future animators down the line - hopefully it will be something useful and not "this is not how to animate, and never animating like this guy if you want a job in the animation industry".