Sunday, 28 October 2007

Class 4 - Audio choices

A New task which will carry us out to the end of the term. We are now moving on to a two character shot animation. Im not going to upload here my audio choices as at a later date i might animate to them and like most of the audio wav sites now days everyone seems to have animated them. So sorry guys you will have to find clips of your own like i did :) but hey at least you can "watch" movies for a few days and class it as research :) 

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Class 4 - Lips Polish/Final

Wrapping up this animation now and moving on finally. Plus two more head poses for this weeks task.

Class 4 - Lips blocking plus

AM have their new showcase here the work is amazing check it out. And no, none of my work is there lol, don't be silly pfft, your lucky its even made it this far onto a blog....

This week is the next pass of the lip sync, from my mentors notes i really just have to push the vowel shapes the lip movements and refine some head turns. Also this week we had to find images of faces showing an emotion of some kind and recreate it with Bishop.

Class 4 - Lips block out

Back again, and this time Class 4 and im already starting to coming close to the end of my AM journey and i still feel like i have LOADS TO LEARN (well i do but you know what i mean)..

My New MENTOR IS *Drum roll* Sean Ermey, You may recall this name before on here, he was my first AM Mentor, and oddly enough i have him again. Ok i never got a different mentor but hey Sean is bloody good at animation, and his Crits are fantastic i mean, some creep up into the 15 - 20 min mark. And no that doesn't mean your animation stinks it means that your getting what you pay for. A five min crit might be great on the out set but really are you getting your what you pay for!!! Anyway i may depend on your view for that one. But im really happy to have Sean in some ways as he saw from that start and seeing me again so i guess he can see how much i have improved (if any hahaha).

Well we start this term with lip sync refinements on the mouth, as we are given full access to Bishops face rig. There was an amazing video by Jason Schleifer on who to approach lip sync.

Have to hand it to the guy, he really knows how to explain "how to do it lip sync" without it seeming overwhelming and complex.

For this hand in we had to a few things, i can't seem to find one of the images on breaking down the text!!! But i still have my character drawings for the mouth shapes and the all important blocking *Oh yeah i rendered the wrong camera for hand in DOH!!! I'll have to fix that later for this blog