Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Moviescope Magazine - One to watch

Way back in July of this year I was asked by MovieScope magazine to do a small interview. Well this week the magazine is out in the shops and you can view (if you wish) my interview with the magazine online below :)

Article link 1 - Main Website

Article link 2 - Talent Watch

Thank you MovieScope for allowing me to be part of your magazine :)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Animation Mentor meetup go and see Pixar's UP at the BFI

A little late on posting this, but on the 11th of October I and host of fellow Animation Mentor Students (AMers) went to the BFI to see Pixar's UP which had finally came to the UK borders after our American cousins had it way way way back in the early part of this year and couldn't stop talking about in the AM forums. Well now its our turn to finally see it and what can I say its truly a fantastic film, its way UP there in my top 10 (sorry bad pun and yes they have only made 10 films thus far). But I couldn't tell you what my other favourite Pixar film is/are as I think they all so different in their own way.

Below is a picture of some of the people that met up at Waterloo station (no Bourne moments on that day) As you can see we're a happy bunch.

The AM gathering was great. We try to meet every time there is a new CG film on in town. And its nice to see old and new faces. Way back when, the meetup was only around six people. In the last count it was 20+ this time around. Sooo year on year more and more people are coming to the UK AM gatherings which means more friends, networking and finding out whats going on in town (animation jobs) and chatting about random stuff that some how always ends up coming back to animation...