Sunday, 28 March 2010

How To Train Your Dragon - An IMAX 3D Experience

Well on the 27th of March a huge mass of Animation Mentor (AM) students and Alumni :P (around 25) descended on London's BFI cinema for the IMAX screening of "How to Train Your Dragon" by Dreamworks.

Have to say its one of the best films Dreamworks has made to date. A decent story with no stupid jokes or very predictable ones just randomly thrown in (ok there was one or two). The characters, the look and the effort that has going into this film has clearly been well thought out. The animation, like you would expect was fantastic. If this had been a live action movie with CG vfx I don't think some of the voice actors would have come up to par with their acting ability, to match the amazing animation (acting in CG) that was put into this film. Its a shame that animators don't get similar treatment like actors or pay for that matter, or even the royalties for repeat showings of the movie.....

Voice casting was good too although it was strange how the older Vikings had very broad Scottish accents and the young kids had very American accents!!!!! Apart from that, over all the film was fun and easy to follow.

Not one AM student could find fault or disliked the movie, well done Dreamworks and all the people who worked on it :)