Saturday, 23 June 2007

Delay in posts and updates

Well Class 2 has been a nightmare for me on a more personal level. At the start of my AM, back in Class 1, i lost my granddad and while in Class 2 of this term my nan had a massive stroke and a 2 weeks later she sadly past away. My nans passing all happened during the jumping pillar animation and hence why its not the most amazing animation on the planet. Thankfully with understanding friends a good mentor and the support of family, i carried on with my course work.

My baseball pitch i feel turned out well for my end of class 2 animation. I hope class 3 really pushes my skills further and puts me back on track into becoming a strong animator.

Class 2 - Pitch Finished animation

Wahoo finished animation :)

Class 2 - All Over

Below is class 2 and class 1 all in one showreel :)

Class 2 - Pitch Liner and Spline pass

Liner and Spline pass

Class 2 - Pitch Blocking

Blocking pass

Class 2 - Pillar Final

Below is the polish and refine

Class 2 - The Baseball Pitch

Below are some quick thumbnails of the baseball pitch

Class 2 - Pillar Spline

Below is the spline pass

Class 2 - Pillar block out

Below is a block out pass to the jumping pillar assignment