Saturday, 14 April 2007

Class 2 - Body Mechanics - Walk Through a Shot

This being "Class 2" Body Mechanics we get a new mentor for 12 weeks:)

My new mentor is
Steve Gagnon-cady who currently works at Weta - fancy stuff.

Last week we had to shoot reference and plan out one of the following:
1.Kick a ball
2.Take a Big Step
3.Turn around 180 degrees

I opted for the 180 turn as i felt i should do something more realistic for once and not so cartoony. As 99% of time i tend to do cartoony animation over realistic animations.

So after shooting loads of different 180 turns, i chose one from my 10 clips as i felt it looked the most realistic and had some good timing and movement going on.

This week we had to use our planning and block out in 3D our planning poses and break downs.

Below are planning sketches and my submission for the block out.

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