Friday, 19 December 2008

Class 5 - 2D Animatic Development

We developed the 2D animatic over 3 weeks. Weeks/sessions 5, 6 and 7. First a storyboard is made and then the 2D animatic happens to develop an understanding of timing for the film and how the film will play out.

One half of the film had to be developed over a week, then we was given feedback. Then the following week we would work on the second half of the film and then be given feedback. In the final week (week3) all the feedback we had been given would now be addressed and used for this weeks deadline. So the following week we would be able to start on the first layout pass.

After my two pitches my mentor found it hard to choose which one was strongest. But he lent a little more to the French artist idea as there was a more animation choices in terms of how the character changes emotions in the short film, and had a story. Compared to the duck hunter which is more gag driven and doesn't have a whole lot going on. Also i think the French idea came out strongest as i added some Frenchy music.

*pictures to come*

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