Thursday, 7 May 2009

Photoshop CS4 Colour Picker/Colour wheel

Is it me or is Photoshop ever closer getting more like Corel Painter?

I have recently played around in the new Photoshop CS4 and found that now when drawing and painting its very similar to how Corel Painter works. The brushes feel and react more natural?
Also i like how when you zoom right in the picture brakes up into little squares.

Any how im still annoyed that photoshop still hasn't got its act together with a nice colour wheel/colour picker - like Corel Painter. But i did find something that is perfectly well made online and works really well. Head over to you have to put this tool into the adobe directory. Boot up photoshop and then go to window --> Extensions --> Colour Picker. And BAM Photoshop is now 100% quicker -well for choosing colours :)


cory said...

my photoshop cs4 doesn't recognize the .jsx file.. although it does try to, i HAVE the colourpicker toolbar on the side but when i try and open it, it gives me a generic "could not complete the command, because the extention could not be loaded" error was this really meant for photoshop?

3dsketchbook said...

Hi Cory,

Sorry to hear your having problems with this tool for photoshop. I am sorry to say but I can't help you with any technical issues with this plugin/tool as I did not make it.

I haven't this problem myself using it on CS4. I would contact the guy who made this tool via the link in the main post. Best of luck.


solomonsta said...

i cant even load the plugin
my photoshop just crashes after selecting it

Anastasiy said...

Hi! I'm the author.

There's a new version without crashes, and it also features a color wheel and a special compact mode, when you can keep the panel in a very small compact size on the screen and it expanded immediately when mouse is over it.

You can check it at

If you have any questions/comments, please just ask. Contacts are listed on the site.

3dsketchbook said...

Hey Anastasiy,
Thanks for posting here :) I get many comments and emails from people and sadly I can't help them :(