Monday, 26 July 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

So way back in December to mid June I worked on the film "The Sorcerer's Apprentice". I worked mostly on the Fantasia sequence (mops and sponges) and some of the end sequence of the movie at Double Negative in London.

On Sunday I was invited to a special Disney screening at Londons Vue Cinema in the Westend. To finally see the fully finished film way before it comes out in August is thanks to a kind lady at Disney who knew I worked it. And yes my name is on the credits as proof - ok you first have to let 2000 names roll past to get to mine :)

I took my sister and nephew to the screening too, and they both really enjoyed it. It is very fast paced at times and there are a number of big money shots and a few are over rather quickly sadly. So you don't get time to fully enjoy the big VFX. But then if every moment of VFX magic had 10 minutes or so each, perhaps the film would never end... There is just so many VFX moments in this film it can't not disappoint you from that perspective. The story on a whole is very Disney. - the good taking care of evil. There is a love story or two in the film. But its not too over powering that it distracts you from all the action that takes place in the rest of the movie.

The film over all is purely about the "magic" (VFX). There are so many VFX shots and magical things happening, you are constantly wondering what possibly is going to happen next. A very good film for the summer and the kids. It will be out in all Cinemas from August 11th.

I have found a cool Disney video that shows most of the Fantasia Sequence. There are a number of shots in the clip that I worked on. I will post times later on :)

Shots I worked on are as follows:
  • 1:38 -1:43 - Three shots in a row of all chose taking place
  • 1:53 -1:55 - Mops jumping stairs jumping onto Dave's back
  • 1:56 -1:58 - Mop tentacle moving across Dave's shoulders
  • 2:02 - 2:04 - Mop mass jumping screen left, hiding in case being seen
There are more shots in the full Fantasia sequence of the film that aren't present here. It is finally nice to be able to show people some of the shots I worked on for this movie. :)


Abz said...

Thats really awesome dude... you must be so proud!

Keep up the great work, and thanks for stoppin by! Do so often!! :P haha

Nice monkey pic!

3dsketchbook said...

Hey Abz,

Cheers for checking out my blog. I have you now on RSS feed so I should get your updates instantly :)

Your 2D is very impressive. I wish I was better at drawing. And I draw often...

Working on Fantasia did come with its headaches but we had a great team of animators and the final look and finish of the 3D elements is very impressive.

Abz said...

Thanks dude, I also followed your blog--

Your 2D stuff is good, I checked it out! The only way to get better (you're saying you want to) is to imitate styles you love, and try to decode their techniques. ;) When you do so, you'll add your own flare to your work, and it'll be mega-awesome. That's just what works for me--

I actually studied 3D animation here in Toronto, but it really wasnt for me. I'm too much of a 2D lover- but I did learn a whole as you can imagine. What do you work with? Maya, or 3DsM? and what are you currently workin on?